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1, 2 buckle my shoes...NO its 1Caramel

I saw from some videos that recommend the sweet places in Singapore and this was 1 of the patisserie that they had visited and interviewed. I was impressed by the cakes and what the manager said of the cakes. Its a fusion of japanese quality and french method of making the cakes.

It is well known that japanese quality means ichiban and the french are known for their fussiness in food. Mixing these 2 together, it can never go wrong and it is indeed so.
They serve not only dessert but also other items like salad and other western food, but since they are famous for their cakes, shouldn't i order the cakes to fill my calories instead of wasting them on other food.

Nid D'abeilles (S$7.90)
Layers of honey chiboust cream and strawberry jelly sandwiched with crispy almond dacquoise.

The cake is placed very simply on an oval plate, with some chocolate decorations. The chocolate decorations were beautifully done and it is an art to look at. The strawberry jelly is sandwiched between the honey mousse topped with a piece of almod dacquoise. A little cream is used to tilt the dacquoise up to give it a little more depth.
The chocolate decoration is made from real chocolate and can be achieved by drawing hot chocolate over a frozen plate. The temperature difference will immediate freeze the chocolate and form the decoration. However once this is done there is no way to scrape the chocolate in whole out from the plate.

The honey mousse is smooth and is a little sweet. The strawberry jelly has texture just like mousse with a tinge of strawberry taste. The strawberry taste is not overpowering the honey mousse and both goes well together. The cream though is not the main attraction, is fresh.
The almond dacquoise is somewhat lacking in flavour. All that can be tasted are the sweet and almond flavour. Dacquoise is supposed to be a layered nut meringue layered with buttercream and dacquoise itself can already be a dessert by itself. Adding this layer of almond dacquoise on the top somehow does not really compliment the dessert, in terms of taste.
That said, the cake itself is still worth a try.

Recommended Dessert

Lychee Rose (S$7.90)
Lychee rose mousse with juicy lychee jelly and valrhona ivory chocolate glaze.

The cake is served in a similar fashion as the Nid D'abeilles, with the cake on top of the chocolate decoration. However the deocration is not as finely drawn on the plate as the other one. In fact if the cake is placed on the previous chocolate decoration, it would be better, since this is a very light cake, and would be liked by many ladies.

If you do not read the description of this cake before or while you are eating it, you can easily mistaken this as a wet sponge cake filled with lychee and rose frangrance.
This is a very 'juicy' 'sponge' cake and the bottom layer taste full of lychee fragrance. The lychee taste is as if they are bouncing on your palate bringing with it a mild rose smell.
The white valrhona chocolate is like a layer of gel over the cake and povides an additional layer of moisture to the cake.
This is a marvellous cake for the ladies whose palate takes a liking for the light taste, provided that the lady likes lychee.

Recommended Dessert

1Caramel Service Attitude
The staff could provide more help in telling customers that the cakes in the menu are on display on the other side of the room. It would be even better if they invite the customers to take a look at those beautiful cakes before they order, since their cakes are placed quite attractively in a glass see-thru cabinet.
In addition, the staff can make the initiation to recommend their new cakes which were not in the menu.

1Caramel Cleanliness
As a standard restaurant/cafe, the surrounding is very nice and utensils are sprakling clean. Nothing much can be commented.

Food Presentation: 4/5
Food Taste: 4/5
Service Attitude: 3.25/5
Cleanliness: 4.5/5
Value for Money: 3.75/5
The quality of the cakes are good and in fact before this post is out, i had been back to the cafe and tried some of their other cakes which were not on their menu, and those cakes taste even better than these 2 above. I am definitely going back again to try the other cakes.



  1. lychee rose mousse? that looks sooo good! guess i'll try my hand at making it though, since a plane ticket would prove much more costly :)

  2. I lived in Singapore for two years in the eighties and the food was fantastic---dessert was basically nonexistent. This looks amazing.

    Thanks for the great post.

  3. @linda: do post up your receipe once you have achieved it..:)

    @Carol: during the eighties, food was more asian style. Nowadays, the food landscape has evolved. You should come back and try out some of the food sutff in Singapore sometime. Thanks for the compliment.


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