Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tasty Fried Chicken.. Finger lickin good. Not KFC but Nasi Abg Mie

Located just 8 minutes walk from Renaissance Hotel, Kelantan is Nasi Abg Mie. The store may look like just some normal coffee shop stall that is selling malay rice but it takes more than looking to know that it is really good stuff that they are selling.

Well not really more than looking. If you go during lunch time, the queue is terribly long and the queue time takes a long long time. Unfortunately, i reach just during the peak of the lunch time. The queue for the food was quite terrible. It was long, rather unorderly and it took me at least 30 minutes before i reach the counter. If you are not the local there, you may not know how to squeeze and take the opportunity to order. But this long queue was really worth it.
The weather was hot in Kelantan and it is not exactly the best feeling to stand, next to a busy main street with the sun sorching down.
The temperature was also quite hot and since they had 3 hot woks just outside the coffee shop, that contributes to the heat inside the coffee shop. It doesnt really help much even with their ceiling and wall fans.

Fried Chicken Rice Set (RM 5.00)
The set consist of just 1 chicken drumstick (if lucky) and rice with a selection of gravy poured over it.

The chicken drumstick is fried till just nice. The outer skin is crispy yet the meat is very juicy and really tender. The meat goes down real smooth. This is really one of the best fried chicken that i had tasted before. If you find that KFC is good, this is at least 5 times better.
The chicken is fried across 3 woks of high temperature and it could be because of this that the chicken is not fried till the meat becomes dried.
The sambal chilli that was given is delicious and is not too spicy. However the spiciness comes slowly. Taking it together with the white rice is a wonderful combination. In fact, it is not difficult to take just 2 packet of white rice with their sambal chilli.

Highly Recommended

Nasi Abg Mie's Service Attitude:
Since it is not a restaurant, dont bet on having any service, though the Kelantanist are generally very friendly. Ordering was not easy, since they had so many people crowding their counter at any one time that they may not notice you if you do not try to catch their attention.

Nasi Abg Mie's Cleanlinesss:
Generally it is acceptable, but it would still be better to get ready a tissue to wipe the utensils that are placed in a basket that is left on the table. You never know what could have crawled over the utensils.

Food Presentation: 1.5/5
Food Taste: 5/5
Service Attitude: 1.5/5
Cleanliness: 2/5
Ambience: 1.5/5
Value for Money: 4.5/5

For the 3 days that I am in Kelantan, i am missing the fried chicken. The crunchiness and tenderness. Yummy! Now whenever, i take any fried chicken, it would remind me of them and definitely i have yet to taste any better ones. If only they will improve the queuing system and their dining environment, it would totally enhance the eating experience. But still if you ever visit Kelantan, make sure you give this stall a try.

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