Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pasta from Modesto's @ Vivocity

Modesto, a place that i had been to 3 times before with my love one but this time i went alone after my fashion shoot. Modesto in Italian means shy, modest and humble.

This branch has a rustic interior of old Italy and Tuscan brickwork. In the evening, the interior has a warm feeling and with the yellow lights, makes the place rather romantic. The tables are spaced quite far away which makes private talk ok.

It also an outdoor area that overlooks the bay and be able to see Sentosa and Resort World Singapore. Once the Resort World has fully completed the iconic Crane Dance and the Maritime Xperiential Museum, it would pack a view to behold, especially if there are fireworks. This view would be fantastic.

Modesto serves quite a number of Italian dishes. The menu items are all in Italian but the description of the dish is in English. This is to cater to the local crowd. Modesto specialises in their Pasta and also the traditional wood-fried pizza with thin, crisp crust. I had tried their pizza before and indeed they are quite good, but this time i tried their pasta instead.

Tagliolini Aglio Olio Di Nocciola E Peperoncino Con Aragostine ($29.00)
Fresh home made pasta with baby lobster meat, slices of fresh chilli, garlic and hazelnut oil

What can be see from this spaghetti dish is that the garlic are aplenty and mixed well with the chilli, spaghetti and lobster meat.

The spaghetti is cooked just nice, firm but not hard. In Italian terms, its al dente. The pasta is pan fried till the ideal form. There are a strong garlic taste as there are lots of garlic in this dish. The fresh cut chilli adds slight but of spiciness to the dish, a welcomed addition, else the dish would be rather monotonous.
The baby lobster meat is realtively fresh but not the freshest that I hade tried before.
The only thing that i dislike is that the spaghetti is slight dry due to the lack of the hazelnut oil. This make twirling the spaghetti a bit difficult.
Given this dish cost nearly $30 dollars, the portion of this dish is considered to be small.

Recommended (only if you can stand the strong garlic taste)

I have ordered an apple strudel as dessert. Read the review of the strudel here.

Modesto's Service Attitude
The staff are very courteous, from the moment you step into the restaurant to the moment you leave. The waiter makes themselves scarces but when you need them, they are easily reachable. Contradicting as it is, but thats what i experienced. Of the many times that i went, only once that they took some time to see me, this could be an exception. 
The staff also know their menu well and food items well. The waiter was able to describe to me one of the food item that i had no idea even though of the english description.

Food Presentation: 3/5
Food Taste: 3.5/5
Service Attitude: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Value for Money: 3/5
With a nice view of the bay, especially after the Genting Resort World has been fully completed, it is worth to go into this restaurant if you happen to be around the area. Their pizza are good, pasta is reasonably ok but skip their dessert though. I believe there are better dessert elsewhere.


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