Friday, December 16, 2011

Yes! Your QUEENS Majesty

Ever since the boardwalk from Vivocity to Sentosa had been completed, i wanted to take a walk to see how this bridge had been transformed and so one fine evening, i took a walk along the boardwalk towards Sentosa. The walk was refreshing especially during the evening time. It used to be just a stone bridge without much to see 10 years ago and no one would walk on the bridge unless absolutely necessary. This bridge certainly has changed a lot. Halfway to Sentosa, is a restaurant called Queens. I decided to give this restaurant a try.

Since I didnt start off the trip as a eating trip, i didnt bring my camera, so no pictures for this blog entry.

Queens and The King Louis in Vivocity belongs to the same company. Queens provide a windy alfresco sitting area along the boardwalk and overlooking the 'Straits of Sentosa'. It has a very nice ambience. When you dine in the alfresco area, I feel as if I am sitting in one of those restaurants along Darling Harbour in Australia. There are live singing by Queens invited singer. This is certainly a good place for dating or chill out.

I had ordered the set menu which cost $25++ and the set menu consists of English Salad, Mushroom Soup, Proven├žal Pork Loin with Mixed Berries Sauce, 1 scoop of Ice Cream and 1 cup of Sir Thomas Kenyan Highland Tea.

English Salad
The English Salad consist of Lettuce, fried bacon bits, croutons  and about 1/2 a hard-boiled egg mixed in Italian sauce. The portion of the salad is just good enough for 1 person. It is a normal salad that anyone can make at home. Just mixed the above ingredients together. The lettuce is quite fresh.

Mushroom Soup
The soup comes in a cup and with a toasted slice of garlic bread as a side compliment. In the soup, I can feel the bits of mushroom and the soup is not too creamy. Overall it is quite a nice mushroom soup that i enjoyed.

Proven├žal Pork Loin with Mixed Berries Sauce
There are 4 pieces of pork loin meat with mixed berries sauce on top of the meat. French beans and half a seared apricot are placed beneath the 4 pieces of meat. The portion of this main course is a huge portion.
The sauce is sweet and has a slight tinge of sour taste. The sauce together with the meat taste just nice. However the berries are a bit sour and the meat should be taken with the sauce and not the berries as the sour taste of the berries would overpower the sweetness of the sauce and the pork. The meat is tender but is slightly over to the dry side, still I can feel the juiciness of the meat.
The greens (french beans) are undercooked and it still have the raw green taste.

Ice Cream
The ice cream is maize ice cream which is something that i have not tasted since my primary school years. The ice cream is very normal and I probably wont remember it.

The waitress that served me are very friendly and is able to accomdate my needs. The set menu comes with an english breakfast tea, but the waitress granted my wish to change it to the Kenyan Highland tea instead. However i am still having mixed reviews about their service, reason being that some of the servers do not put your dish in front of you, instead they put my dish some distance from me even though the space in front of me is empty and thus i need to bring the dish to myself.

Food Presentation: 2.5/5
Food Taste: 3.5/5
Service: 2.5/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Ambience: 5/5
Value for Money: 4.5/5



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