Saturday, September 19, 2009

P.S. I am in a nice Cafe

PS Cafe, a chain that has multiple branches across Singapore, is a place that serves comtemparary food with a nice ambience. The branch that i went to was in Palais Shopping Centre. Though it is located inside a shopping centre, it provides both indoor and outdoor dining.

The cafe is setup to be as those during the british colony period, with the furniture as such. It can be easily forgotten that this place is actually inside a shopping centre along orchard road.

The cafe offers a wide spectrum of items, ranging from salad to burgers to stew to curry. The desserts offered are also very impressive. The moment you step into the cafe, you can see all the cakes being lined up on round plates that are placed above the counter. The size of the cake is also quite huge as compared to those coffee places.

As i reached the cafe during their tea break, the range of items that were provide was not as much as during their lunch and dinner. I had just ordered 3 items: Caesars salad, Earl Grey Tea and Chocolate Crunch Doorstop Cake.

Caesars Salad (S$18.00)

The caesars salad comes in a huge bowl, which surprises me. It was totally out of my expectation that the salad would be that huge. The bowl of salad comes with poached egg, smoked crispy bacon, baby coz, croutons and shaved parmesan cheese, mixed together with the caesar salad dressing.

The leaves of the salad are quite huge, making it difficult to put into the mouth. The leaves had to be cut into bite size using the knife provided. The salad is just like any caesar salad and there is nothing too special about it. For the price of S$18.00, it is not really worth the price.

Not Recommended Dish

Chocolate Crunch Doorstop Cake (S$15.90)

As if this 3 inch tall, gigantic choc cake is not sinful enough, it comes together with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The cake consist of 3 layers, the bottom being chocolate cake base and the middle layer is walnut and peacan mixed in caramel. The top most layer is chocolate mousse with chocolate malt balls on the top.

If you take the 3 layers all at 1 go, it will warrant a butter of chocolate swimming in your mouth. The walnut gives a unique twist to the caramel , reducing the caramel taste. This dessert is a very filling dessert, with richness in chocolate taste.
Chocolate lovers will simply adore this dessert. It all choc, choc and more choc. The vanilla ice cream helps little to give additional flavour to the cake. In fact the vanilla ice cream melted after i had only finished 3/4 of the cake.
This cake is so filling that i am not able to finish the cake and i only had just a tea and a salad before attempting this cake.

Recommended Dish (for Choc Lovers only)

PS Cafe Service
I would be giving mixed reviews to the way that customers are treated. Firstly, when i arrived at the cafe, which is at about tea time, there wasn't any waitress standing to check guests in. The counter staff did see me but they are busy with they preparation work and only smiled back at me. It would have been better had they called out to the other available staff to attend to me. I had been standing there for about 5 minutes before a waitress came, only with a phone in hand, taking the reservation, i presume. I had to wait for about another 3 minutes before i was attended.
Finally gotten my seat and my order for warm water was missed out, and i had to request for it again before the waitress says that she had forgotten about it.
While these 2 incidents reflected rather negatively, the same waitress knowing what i had ordered and upon me finishing my salad, replaced my utensils for me so that when my dessert comes, i can start eating it. At least this brings back some positive light to their service.

PS Cafe Cleanliness
I would not consider the cafe to be very cleanliness conscious even though their utensils, cutleries and were sparkling clean. The staff were actually sweeping the floor while guests were still eating. One thing that the staff didnt notice is that the place where they were sweeping actually had air current that is leading into the cafe. Even though the place is air conditioned, little dust particles that are everywhere were stirred and could possibly land onto customers food.
It is good to keep the floor clean but not when customers are still eating and with the air current bringing dust to customers food.

Presentation: 3.5/5
Taste: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Value for money: 2.5/5
If i were to be back to the cafe, i would be going back because of the cakes. They look really tempting. The ambience is also a good place for friends to chat and hang out with each other.

++Recommended++ (only for the cakes)


  1. I want that dessert! Any hopes of a PS Cafe opening in Houston?

  2. Blackswan: the cake is quite wonderful, especially for choc lovers. Thick, rich and creamy choc. Marvellous!!

    Vegetable Matter: I guess chances are slim. But they would be very happy to know that their fan base has gone over to the US!

  3. oh WOW that cake looks fabulous! I wish I had a slice right now :)

  4. Thank you Steph, Sinful cake though.:)


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