Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A nice piece of Crystal or is it Jade?

Crystal Jade, a group of restaurants, that has established its pressence in most of the Asia countries, was established in Singapore and has grown to be one of Singapore's leading F&B company.

It has been one of my family's favourite eating outlet for the past few years and I believe that this chain of restaurants needs no further introduction. The branch that we visited this time was the one at Suntec.

Smoked Sliced Goose with Lemon and Mango

Six slices of goose meat were placed in a star shape on top of the mango slices and had lemon poured over sauces. The sauce is slightly thick, which I believe is cooked with corn-starch flour before pouring over the dish.

The texture of the goose meat is tender and the meat goes very well with the mango and the sauce. Though it is lemon sauce, it is not too sour. In fact it brings a little sweetness to the dish too and it goes well with the mango.
This dish should be tried by stacking the goose meat on top of the mango, the taste is simply marvellous. The taste becomes rather complex, having the smoky taste while the mango provides sweetness and the sauce gives its a little sourish flavour. Some of the more traditional chinese food lovers may only like taking the goose meat slice alone.
No matter how this dish is taken, the dish will definitely receive another order from me again.

Recommended Dish

Double Boiled Traditional Chicken Roots with Ginger and Chinese Herbs

As with many chinese soups, they come in a big bowl which is sufficient for many people around the table to share. The soup contains a lot of chinese herbs, from red dates(紅棗) to 淮山 and 枸杞子, chicken and ginger. Most of the chinese herbs were relatively common and can be found in those traditional chinese medical hall. The soup looks rather thick but is in fact not so. However one thing was that the chicken pieces was not a lot.

The essence of all the herbs and chinese are in the soup. The soup is very tasty and the soup i believe would have been boiled for at least 4 hours in order to reach this taste. Due to the many herbs and long hours in simmering the soup, the taste has been made very complex. The ginger gave the soup a little spicy taste, but this is very welcomed. Chinese believed that ginger soup is good for warming the body especially during the winter times.

Recommended Dish

Crystal Jade's Service Attitude
The service is strictly Welcome, order, deliver, billing and goodbye. It can be said that there is nothing special in the service they deliver. However the captains that takes the order do give some recommendation and also tells us if there are any promotion to any items. As we had been to this restaurant a few times, some of the captains do recognise us and do chat to us when our meal is over, but this is not apparent to the other customers.
Service to top up water, clear table and replace cutleries are very quick, even the dishes comes out very quickly.

Crystal Jade's Cleanliness
Good cleanliness. Nothing less, as expected of a restaurant.

Food Presentation: 3/5
Food Taste: 4/5
Service attitude: 3.5/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Value for Money: 3.5/5
This is a restaurant chain that we had went back a number of times because of the food. If you are hungry, just go in and order the food. Once the 1st dish comes to you, the rest will follow suit very quickly. Fast service too but it is definitely not the place where you can sit and talk after the meal. Strictly for meals only.


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