Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dessert Review: Chocolate Berries Meringue

Besides the Strawberry Mascarpone, we also order the Chocolate Berries Meringue for our dessert. Our main dishes review: Chicken Escalope and Pollo Pizza, can be found at the respective links.

Meringue is a type of dessert made from whipped egg whites and sugar.

Chocolate Berries Meringue (RM 15.00)

The meringue is slightly browned in colour and this is evidence that the meringue has been baked in high temperature for a short period of time. There are multiple layers of meringue and cream with blue berries and strawberries. There are generous chunks of strawberries and whole blueberries on the top layer cream.

The strawberries are not too sweet and is slightly sourish. In contrast, the meringue is sweet. Put these 2 together and it becomes a marvelous mix. The sourish taste is neutralised by the sweetness. Though the meringue is hard in nature, the crispiness is welcomed. The meringue simply melts in the mouth. However there are a bit too much cream in this dessert. The is not much chocolate taste although this is know as Chocoloate Berries Meringue.
One thing that i find disturbing is that the meringue smells slightly fishy. This could be from the egg white, which sometimes give out such smell after being baked, but this smell is gone once it goes into your mouth.



  1. So the chocolate didn't come through at all in the taste?

  2. Yeap, the choc taste didnt really come thru. THere is only a little taste of the choc.
    If you're a choc lover, then it may not suit you.

  3. just wondering,where in m'sia can i get this dessert? cheers!

  4. @adel: You can get this in Alexis, The Garden, KL.


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