Friday, May 7, 2010

Pizza with Japanese Curry

From Kissaten, we also ordered a Japanese Curry Pizza. You can read about the other items that we ordered here.
  1. Grilled Saba Fish Set
  2. Japanese Curry Pizza
  3. Caramel Pudding
  4. Banana Cheesecake

Japanese Curry Pizza (RM17.90)

The pizza is about 9 to 10 inch wide. It is a japanese curry pizza topped with egg plant and mozzarella cheese. The egg plants are well spaced out but otherwise, it is quite plan looking.

The curry taste is not strong. It is a light flavour pizza, which the egg plant blends nicely with the japanese curry. Cheese volume is slightly lacking. I find that there are not enough cheese on top of the pizza. It is also possibly because of the lack of cheese that the egg plant blends with the cheese. I have not imagined that egg plant can be used on pizza and with japanese curry. A very interesting dish i would say.

It is ok to give this pizza a try if you have not taken any japanese pizza before. However the chances of re-ordering this again would be very low, as there could be other dishes that is worth more of my attention.

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