Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Midori: Japanese Green Tea Sponge Cake

Matcha Sponge and Azuki Bean Compote layers in Yuzu infused Bavarois

This cake has 5 layers. The top layer is yuzu bavarois, followed by the matcha sponge cake. The 4th layer is the Azuki bean layer. Topped with a green tea macaron and backed with a thin white choc piece on the outer portion.

The 1st bite into this cake gave me a refreshing feeling. The yuzu is of a sweet nature and blends well with the matcha sponge cake. The Azuki layers with the bean gave the cake some texture and is actually quite smooth. Contradicting textures but its nice.
The taste of each layer is very bland, so bland that each layer is almost tasteless. However if you put all the 5 layers together, this is where the miracle comes. The refreshing yuzu sensation will be dancing on your palate. There are also yuzu sacs in the bavarois.
Even though this is the second piece of cake that i had, the citrus taste whets your appetite and makes it easy for the cake to be taken. However I wish that they would complement the cake with a bit more citrus taste.

The tea that was ordered goes very well with this cake. A little description on the tea - Miraculous Mandrain: A melange of warm rich black tea blended with the fresh tartness of normandy apples and notes of caramel. A youth tea of delight.
The taste of the apple from this tea is almost infused into the cake when they mixed on the palate. I wonder if this Miraculous Mandrain tea is specially made for this Midori cake.

Presentation: 2.5/5
Taste: 4.5/5
Value for money: 4/5
The best cake that i had taken from 1-Caramel. Both legs and hands up for this cake. Highly Recommended.


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  1. I love sponge cake and for whatever reason, green tea works so well. I love the addition of the citrus.

  2. THank you Belinda for visiting my blog.
    Its a cake that does wonder for me.


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