Thursday, August 13, 2009

Changing Appetites

It was after my national fireworks shooting and people were trying to rush home. I wanted to avoid that so i decided to walk around Marina Square area for food. Everywhere was packed with people.

I saw this restaurant with its huge letters "Changing Appetites" and with words "The All American & Dessert Cafe". I like dessert and so decided to give it a try.

Since i am alone, i managed to get a seat very quickly.

The menu looks good and i took some time before being able to decide what i want. The choices were quite a lot with explaination on each one.
Finally, I ordered a Honey Grilled BBQ steak and a Frankenstein Mudpie, both of which were recommended on the menu.

Honey Grilled BBQ Steak:

Nice and quite appetising, there were nachos crackers, onion carrots and cucumber salad, a piece of pineapple on top of the steak, a small cup of bbq sauce and a scoop of mash potatoes.

Lets start off with the salad. I skipped the onions as i dont like them. The carrots were hard and cold, but luckily not old, else it would have tasted even more terrible.

The steak is totally bland in taste, even with the sauce on the outer layer fails to cover the bland taste. The bbq sauce porvided did little to add to the taste.
The whole steak is full of veins and i really had a hard time cutting it even with the steak knife provided. With all these veins, I also had a hard time chewing the pieces that i put in my mouth.
The pineapple is one of the best in the whole dish.

The nanchos were those that can be bought from supermarkets, so there isnt anything special except they gave your the bbq sauce which you can dip in.

The scoop of mash potatoes has got 2 layers, the outer layer are the mashed potatoes, which the texture is neither smooth nor coarse. The inner layer contains slim slices of potatoes that gave a different texture. This is either deliberate or they didnt do a clean job. It is also lacking the faint taste of milk.

Frankenstein Mudpie:

The mudpie has oreo on top of the mudpie together with choc sauce dripping down from the side of the mudpie. The small choc dots on the green layer are choc chips which there are plentiful of them. The colour combination together with the dripping dark choc sauce makes it look like a frankenstein. (You will have to use a bit of imagination here).
However what i cannot tolerate is the use a (mee rebus) plastic plate for the dessert, squishing the bottom of the mudpie. Dessert deserves better presentation which can be achieved by using a simple broadbase square plate.

The green layer is essentially full of mint flavour and the choc layer is choc ice cream. The choc chips gave a different texture to the ice cream and it is fun pick each one out to crunch on them. The choc sauce and oreo couldn't give much additional flavours to the mudpie. In the mudpie that were 2 pieces of mashmallows which has been compressed and is quite smooth and melts in the mouth.

CA's Service attitude:
CA's service is quite horrendous.
  1. Firstly, I was given a discriminating face by the captain when i told him 1 pax at the entrance. Well even though i am just 1 person, i am still a paying one. That doesn't give him the right to give me that kind of face.

  2. Secondly, their own staff are quite impatient to each other. One staff was passing the dish to another and told her the table number but the receiving staff couldn't hear it and asked it again. The tone and face that came out wasn't friendly and it was almost a scream. This happened right in front of me, and this kind of incident should have been kept hidden from the customer.

  3. Thirdly, the moment i put my fork down after eating my dessert, the captain immediately bring me the bill and stood there waiting for me to pay up. What kind of service is this. I have not even wiped my mouth. I told him to come back later without even looking at him.

CA's Cleanliness:
I witness this:
One waiter accidentally dropped some clean plastic spoons on the floor. THe next moment, he picked it up and put it back into the drawer. These plastic spoons are for the jar drinks which are on the menu, so i dont think i will be ordering any of that if i were to go back.

Food Presentation: 2.5/5
Food Taste: 2/5
Service: 1/5
Cleanliness: 1.5/5
I am definitely not going back given the type of discriminating service and poor cleanliness. The food is also not exceptionally good. I think my money is better spend elsewhere.

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