Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fish & Co Dessert

Fish & Co has a separate menu on the cakes they are selling. Though they do not have a lot of choices and 2 of them were not available when we visited them. We had ordered: Carrot Cake and New York Cheesecake.

Dessert Carrot Cake:

A large slice of carrot cake with white choc on the top and in between the layers. Pistachio nuts bits were sprinkled on the top layer.

The carrot cake has a relatively strong carrot taste, as expected, and contains a mild cinnamon flavour. Inside the cake are pecan bits which adds crunchyness to the rough texture already present in the cake. The white choc gives the cake the sweetness which is slightly over the limit.

New York Cheesecake:

The cake that came was very different from the picture in the menu. The one in the menu is just a cheesecake with caramel poured on top of the cake. What came was one with a choc top layer. The cake was about 2 inches tall.

This cheesecake is very heavy in flavour and the chesse taste is plentiful. The texture is very creamy and just taking 1 piece of the cake will be enough to make a lady feel quite full and sinful.

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