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Fancy Having Dessert in a Bar Early in the Morning @2am

Anybody wants to have dessert early in the morning? 2am:DessertBar does just that. Tucked away in a little corner in Holland Village along Lor Liput is this DessertBar that serves dessert till 2am. I have been searching for a dessert place like this for sometime and a tip off led me to this place. It is really not easy searching for this place even though i know the address.

The bar is designed in comtemporary style and this is where dessert and wine takes centrestage. The only hot food are the side orders, which are finger food. The menu tells your what wine will goes well with the dessert, so there is no worry if you would like to have a glass of wine to go with your dessert. Its all recommended in the menu.

Twix (S$13)

Twix is a dessert dish that consist of Caramel Mousse, Peanut crumble and Home-made Valrhona Chocolate Ice Cream. Typically the mention of mousse will be lead to the thought of being in a container or cup where you will scoop from. This caramel mousse is in the shape of a stick and is placed on a bed of peanut crumble with the scoop of ice cream on one side.

The Valrhona Choc Ice Cream is a dark chocolate ice-cream of about 70% cocoa. Even though it is a dark choc ice cream, it does not have a heavy cocoa taste, however it is not your typical chocolate ice-cream. The ice cream is very very smooth and the texture is just like a mousse.
The Caramel mousse has a texture that is exactly like tofu and it goes down the throat very smoothly. When it enters the mouth, the mousse almost melts in the mouth and gives out the fragrant caramel taste, but the taste is not over powering the choc powder taste that is on top of it.
The bed of peanut crumble compliments the mousse very nicely giving it the extra sweetness and crispiness. This crumble also goes down well with the ice cream.
However one thing that must be noted is that this dessert is quite a sweet dish once the crumble is taken together with the ice cream or the mousse. This is definitely one that makes your tooth ache with sweetness.

Amedei Chilli Chocolate (S$15)

This dessert consist of Dark Chocolate Bricks, Fresh Honeycomb, Toasted Ice Cream, White Chocolate Peanut Butter ball on top of a bed of Chocolate Soil. This dish packs less of a punch than the other desserts served in this bar, but the chef's attention to details is not to be neglected. There are some herbs that were erected on the melted honeycomb.

The main star of this dish is the Chocolate Ice Cream, which is infused with chilli padi. It is not spicy but only with a tinge of spiciness on the throat. However it is to be noted that this ice cream is not to be taken in big mouthful. One recommendation is to take the ice cream together with the peanut butter ball. This gives a tingling sensation to the crispy ball. The chocolate soil do not go well with the chilli ice cream as the soil will first cover your throat so that it becomes dry and when the ice cream goes down, the spicy flavour will appear and it can be easy to choke on that.
The toasted ice cream is a wheat ice cream and it has a malty sweet flavour. The texture is also quite rough. I am not a fan of wheat and so this scoop of ice cream do not gain my favour.
Do note that this dish is for the more adventurous.

2am:DessertBar Service Attitude
The staff are friendly but not imposing. All the staff are well trained and they know their ingredients to the dessert really well. When the dish is served, they explained the dish very patiently. If it is the chef that serve you the dish, you will also be told what to expect of the taste of the dish. One chef is very attentive and upon knowing that i had ordered another dessert, without me asking for the replacement of my fork, a waiter was asked to replace one for me.

2am:DessertBar Cleanliness
There is nothing negative to be said of the cleanliness. Even the chefs' workplace are sparkling clean and tidy when they are preparing the desserts. Thumbs up for their cleanliness.

Food Presentation: 4.5/5
Food Taste: 4.5/5
Service Attitude: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Value for Money: 3.5/5
Definitely, I will be back for another visit to try out the other dessert dishes that I could not gobble up on my 1st visit. However a lot more exercises need to be done to strip off the calories that will be added. It is not a place for the calories lookout people.

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  1. THe dessert looks good. I should make a trip there soon.


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