Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wonderful Cookies @ Cookie Museum

It was a meeting that was being called for by a wedding couple for discussion on the plans and they wanted to bring the rest of the wedding helpers to this place called Cookie Museum @ Esplanade. Congratulations to Calvin Neow and Michell Chong on getting married in less than 1 month.

When our party of 6 arrive at the place, we were told to wait forabout 30 minutes as they do not have enough tables to put the 6 of us together. A 30 minute wait turns out to be about 45 to an hour, but we still waited and it was a decision not regretted.

The place and decorations were victorian and they provide quite a lot of different types of tea, from the classic to new infusions. One thing though was that photography was not allowed but i still managed to steal a few shots.

Being known as cookie museum, their cookies were fantastic and they had a lot of flavours, ranging from the classic rose cookie, lavender cookie to the localised Nasi Lemak and Laksa flavour. Some of the cookies were soft and some crunchy, depending on which flavour. Overall their cookies were wonderful and great though not all flavours were liked by everyone. Each one of us had our own favourites.

The wedding couple had ordered a platter of cookies and fruits for us to share. The layout was very unique. Cream was used to afix the cookie in an upright position, what a creative way to present the cookies. The fruits were cut and laid out individually on a spread of passion fruit sauce. The platter was also decorated with rose petals and peppermint leaves.

The cookies were itself already wonderful. The cream added an additional twist to the texture. The different cookies blend in differently when ate together with the cream. As for the fruits, there was nothing special to it.

Cookie Museum Service Attitude:
We were greeted the moment we walked up to the museum entrance and were asked if we would like to taste their cookies' different flavours. Once we gotten our seats, we were told that we can walk around to taste the sample cookies that were placed on trolleys located at different place in the museum. These cookies were placed generously for all customers to try. Upon hearing that we were 1st timers, the staff pushed their trolley of sample cookies and introduced each flavour to us, explaining what each flavour taste like and handed us samples to try. The staff were very well trained and knows their product well.
One thing though is I am not sure if we were the forgotten party of 6 or is it conincidence that when we went back after waiting for 45 mintues that the seat was suddenly available.

Cookie Museum Cleanliness:
Nothing much can be said about this. Everything looks clean.

Presentation: 4/5
Taste: 4.5/5
Service Attitude: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Cost: 2/5
This is definitely a good place to watch the world go by with nice cookies and good tea or coffee. It would also be a wonderful place to be doing some reading while enjoying your tea/coffee and cookies. One fallback though is that the cost is quite steep.

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