Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jap Food @ Ichiban Boshi

Wandering around the circle route in Suntec, i walked aimlessly looking for food. So many restaurants past me till this one: Ichiban Boshi Japanese Restaurant. It the typical sushi japanese restaurant.

Getting a seat is quick since i am just alone. Got a counter seat so i can see the sushi chef do their stuff. Here's what i ordered: Kajiki Sashimi, Hamachi Sashimi, Assorted Seafood Maki, Cha-Soba and Tempura Ice-cream.

Assorted Seafood Maki:

The Maki contains chopped small pieces of salmon, tuna and tako. Wrapped around by seaweed, rice and vegetable leaves. Sesame seeds were sprinkled on top for the added fragrance. Due to the small individual pieces of seafood, each cut maki is relatively untidy.

Surprisingly, the small pieces of seafood did not drop when the maki was picked up by the chopstick. However, the taste of all the salmon, tuna and tako, clashes with each other. There was not a very distinct taste with each type of meat doing its own magic. Sometimes mixing too many good things together works the other way.

Kajiki Sashimi:

The Kajiki Sashimi comes nicely presented on a plate of ice so that the Kajiki will retain its freshness.

The Kajiki is served too cold and lacks the sweetness of a fresh sashimi. The meat texture is spongy and is typical that of a swordfish which has been stored for a few days in the fridge.

Hamachi Sashimi:

To preserve the freshness of the Hamachi, the slices are placed on a plate of ice. Though the slices are placed presentably, the thickness of the slices are not uniform. This is a big taboo for slicing sashimi. The difference in thickness are quite drastic.

The Hamachi taste too cold and the sweetness of the hamachi is not found. One slice was even so thick that I had problems biting through it. This is one of my favourite sashimi but it just disappoints me.


The soba served is typical of those served in most japanese restaurants, with the soba served on top of a small pile of ice. It also comes with a small cup of soy sauce. Spring onions are placed on the cover of the cup.

Some of the soba strands sticks together and could only be separated after dipping into the soy sauce, which is normal. The soba texture is quite rough and is of a dull green colour. As for the taste, there is none and only saltiness after dipping into the soy sauce.

Tempura Ice-cream:

The ice-cream was served in a very simple manner with strawberry jam spreaded on the ice-cream. The ice-cream crust is fried till golden-brown, but the ice-cream itself still maintains its frozen state.

The crust is oily as expected from the deep fry. Besides being oily, the crust is too thick and a lot of times, it feels like eating oily deep fried crust with a cold interior. The vanila ice-cream flavour is totally covered up by the crust. The strawberry jam goes quite well with the crust. Just imagine eating french toast with strawberry jam.

Ichiban Boshi Service Attitude:
The waitress and waiter were very friendly. Whenever i requested for service and they are not able to give their attention to me immediately, they always tell me in a very courteous manner to give her a minute. The waitress that served me also come and asked if I am ok with the meal. I also saw another waiter explaining about their voucher system and recommending what would be a better choice for their current order items.

It was also noted that the items on the belt had a "I'm Raw" tag for food items that are raw. This is quite a considerate effort on the restaurant's part to notify patrons of the raw contents.

Ichiban Boshi Cleanliness:
Nothing much can be said about the cleanliness as the tables, chairs and utensils are clean.

Food Presenstation: 3/5
Food Taste: 2.5/5
Service Attitude: 3.5/5
Cleanliness: 3.5/5
Ichiban Boshi is a good place to hang out with friends to talk, although it is not a place to go for the food. The ambience is nice and the service staff are very friendly.

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